Use VoterLink’s voter files to target voters on Facebook

Great News for Candidates, Elected Officials and Campaign Managers!

VoterLink_GMYou can now target Facebook advertising messages to Voters in your district using VoterLink’s enhanced voter files through Gateway Media.

If you already have a Facebook ad account, these targeted voters lists can be easily added to your audience selection. This will ensure you are engaging voters and not wasting valuable resources on non-voters. If you do not yet have a Facebook ad account, now is the time to set one up.

There is no cost to setup your VoterLink target audiences.

Simply select any target within your district of at least 10,000 individual voter names. That list will then be matched to active Facebook accounts and appear as target audience option on your Facebook account.

Here how:

Step 1 – Visit and open a Gateway to Facebook account to process your lists.
Step 2 – Select VoterLink as your List Vendor
Step 3 – Select your District.
Step 4 – Select your Target. Choose only Republicans, Democrats or Independent voters…or choose “All Voters by Party” and these three (3) distinct audiences will be created in your Facebook Ad Account. You may also request custom selects. For example you can request only likely voters for an upcoming election, so you can focus your advertising budget communicating to the people who matter most.

Remember, there is no cost for this set-up process, and you can request multiple list targets. There is a $2 per 1,000 charge when you post or advertise to names on these matched lists. This fee is charged to the credit card you specify on your Facebook ad account. At $2 per 1,000 a post directed to the News feeds of 20,000 likely independent voters would cost only $50.

If you have questions about the setup process, direct them to There are also instructions at the web site.

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