Use VoterLink’s voter files to target voters on Facebook

Great News for Candidates, Elected Officials and Campaign Managers!

VoterLink_GMYou can now target Facebook advertising messages to Voters in your district using VoterLink’s enhanced voter files through Gateway Media.

If you already have a Facebook ad account, these targeted voters lists can be easily added to your audience selection. This will ensure you are engaging voters and not wasting valuable resources on non-voters. If you do not yet have a Facebook ad account, now is the time to set one up.

There is no cost to setup your VoterLink target audiences.

Simply select any target within your district of at least 10,000 individual voter names. That list will then be matched to active Facebook accounts and appear as target audience option on your Facebook account.

Here how:

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Campaigns & Elections Announces Free Voter Lists


Want to only talk to Independents who voted by mail in three of the last four elections? Right in their Facebook News Feed?

No problem says Gateway Media’s Kurt Snow: “We will pull any voter

select in any political district in any of the 50 states and have that target matched to Facebook and waiting in your FB ad account by tomorrow. And did I mention we do all that for free?”

In one fell swoop, Gateway Media has leapfrogged “big data” systems that merely offer educated guesses as to who are, and are not voters in a given target. With the patent-pending Gateway to Facebook technology, “you pick your voter file target and we match that exact list to Facebook. No spillage, no waste, no talking to the wrong people,” added Snow.

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Use L2’s voter file to target your Facebook ad campaign through Gateway to Facebook.


October 26, 2015 by Paul Westcott

You can now match the voter lists from your L2 account directly to your campaign’s Facebook page. All you need to do is visit and open a Gateway to Facebook account to process your lists.

  1. Select L2 as your List Vendor
  2. Select your State and/or District
  3. If you select “All Voters by Party” [Recommended] all voters of each major party will be created in your Facebook Ad Account as a separate custom list. You may also create individual custom selects and upload them through Gateway.
  4. There is no charge for this set-up process, or for the Facebook match for your list. There will be a nominal $2 per thousand charge if and when you use names from these matched lists to target campaign ads or posts. If you decide not to use the lists, there is no charge for the list or the Facebook match. This nominal fee is charged to the credit card you choose, just as with your Facebook ad account.
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