Media Placement

Digital and Traditional


Gateway Media is a “premium channel” agency that concentrates on delivering quality response metrics in a fraud-free environment.  We work closely with our trusted premium channel partners at Facebook, Pandora, Hulu, Twitter and Tube Mogul to insure that our clients’ ads are seen by real people, not by ad “bots” that are robbing many advertisers of more than 50% of their spend.  With Gateway Media, you will have access to the latest targeting technologies, along with the most sophisticated voter-matching strategies in the industry. We are not just your “Gateway to Facebook”, but to a group of premium digital companies that consistently outperform the “lowest CPM” aggregators.



Although Gateway Media has become known as a premium channel digital agency, our team of media professionals have actually been placing traditional political media for more than thirty years. As a mainline political ad buyer, Gateway Media goes far beyond gross rating points and the vague promises of “Big Data.”  When we plan your buy, it is based on a roadmap that overlays hard political voter data with traditional station demographics that dramatically improves the efficiency of every dollar spent.  And after the campaign is over, we audit station records to track every dollar spent to make sure your campaign got exactly what it paid for.